Alda Matias

"They still said that it would be a furnished apartment. They said this, that, nothing!"


Coming from
Rua Ipadu, 700 Rua Ipadu, 700

Now living in
colônia colônia

Alda Rodrigues de Sousa Matias.

[How long did you live there for?]

25 years.

They turned up, started writing on our house, you know, taking photos, measuring it, you know how it was. Afterwards, we went to the City Hall, they called us there to do the documents, to leave. The viaduct there was going to pass exactly where our house was.

The choice was for us to come here. They even said it would all be furnished, but it’s none of that. We ended up buying things, because everything we had there was old. They didn’t buy any damned thing for us, a lot of people had to buy things, there wasn’t even a cooker in here.

They showed us what was going to be here in the apartment, and the apartments are falling apart now, we’ll have to go and get everything together again. I preferred living there, it was great, here it is totally like a favela, everyone is really like a favelada. It’s worse than a favela.


Ah, there’s a lot of noise here. They play football here, make noise and mess. Give me peace! You know.

[Have you received any letters charging you?]

Non-stop. Now it’s not letters anymore, now they are calling me. Yesterday they called me. They called to ask my identity number, my CEP. I am tired of giving it out, I won’t do it anymore. I told them, there you’ve got my whole address. That was in Curicica. But now, I went there, I went to the bank, to ask them to stop, but they don’t stop it. I’ll tell you this – it’s six months I’ve been receiving these letters.

[And how long have you been living here for?]

A year and a bit. A year and three months. The manager went to speak to City Hall, but they continue to bother us. My friends went to find him, because I can’t see very well, I don’t walk around on my own anymore. Marli Pecanha, Eduardo Paes’ secretary, told us not to worry about it, because she was looking into it. They say that, but they keep bothering us. I came here and didn’t like it, but I didn’t even like it there. I saw that it was good there, it was on the river’s edge, but it didn’t have the trouble that we get here.

Reporter: Jessica Mota

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