André Campos

"We miss it, but what can we do? We left, we left"


Coming from
Rua Ipadu, 700 Rua Ipadu, 700

Now living in
colônia colônia

Photos – I have to tell you, I don’t take photos. Andre Luiz da Silva Campos, I’m 38, I work in civil construction. We had to leave there to go on social rent, and wait until they moved us here. From there, it took a lifetime, about a year of evictions. There were some people there who put all their things in storage. And when they went to get them, it was already in the middle of the year.

When I got there, they were already there, you know? My base there, where I lived, I lived for a year and a bit. They arrived there wanting to know who was responsible, that they were going to take it and build a road there, that everyone was going to have to leave and such… and they were going to see what we were going to do.

And so they told us we were going to one place, and afterwards to another. And everyone came here. The choice was for us to pay social rent out of our own pocket, and they were like, tomorrow, tomorrow… I ended up paying rent for almost a year.

He gave us some, but it was half the money and the other half came from our own pockets. I paid rent of 600 reals. I had to put another 200, because they only gave us 400.

Ah, you miss it, don’t you, but what can you do?

It’s a better place, isn’t it? Because everyone had problems there. But what are you going to do? I still think it’s better here than it was there, you know? But some people, they don’t know how to value what they have. That’s just what I think. Because for me it’s all the same, where I live. I can get used to living anywhere. I know how to make myself at home anywhere. But there are some people here who are simple, they don’t try to better themselves. Do you understand the situation?

Reporter: Jessica Mota

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