Bazileu Costa

"People became more individualistic"


Coming from
favela metrô mangueira, mangueira favela metrô mangueira, mangueira

Now living in
rua visconde de niterói, 190, mangueira rua visconde de niterói, 190, mangueira

My name is Bazileu Jose Alves Costa, I’m 51 and I work in the workshop.

[How long did you live there for?]

I lived there for eight years. They turned up with their machines, and said in a month’s time… they were in a hurry to take us out of there. It was good for me, because I got put in a good location, but for those who were sent out to Cosmos and have children at the school near Maracana it isn’t. We were lucky that we resisted, it wasn’t everyone. We were supposed to go there too. It was our luck that we resisted. They didn’t do anything, just chucked people over there.

We owned our house, but not the land, that’s the reality. We didn’t have any right at all to stay. When we went to the [residents’] asssociation, we didn’t have a postcode, a house number or a street name. Did things get better? Yes – today we’ve got a postcode, an identity number and nowadays we exist in the city, this was a positive thing, I found. And also the location, because the majority went to Cosmos, they were just thrown there. I’m going through the legal process to get a lot of things done here, as the representative of these buildings. Imagine what it’s like in Cosmos?

[What do you most miss about Metro Mangueira?]

I miss the human warmth. People are more individualistic here. I don’t know if it’s just because they’re not used to it here.

[Did you work together or did everyone individually make a deal with City Hall for their house?]

No, it was done collectively. It wasn’t done individually. The offer was leave, or leave. Those who had five kichenettes there and lived on rent had to leave, and go to an apartment. Most people I knew were in that situation too. They may have had five properties but they were told they only had the right to one apartment. That was revolting.

Reporter: Jessica Mota

Photographer: Jessica Mota

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