Domingas Silva Nobre

"City Hall gave us one week to pack our things and that they were going to go past. So we loaded up, and brought out things here."


Coming from
Metrô Condomínio Mangueira 1 Metrô Condomínio Mangueira 1

Now living in
Rua Visconde de Niterói, 132 Rua Visconde de Niterói, 132

What was your house like?

  • It was just one room. One living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Everything was very tight.

And who lived there with you?

  • Me, my husband and my daughter.

How long did you live there for?

  • 20 years.

How did you find out you were going to be evicted?

  • It happened suddenly. We didn’t even dream in… One time, when it was very close, they came to tell us, for us to go there, to write down our questions for them. City Hall gave us one week to pack our things and that they were going to go past. So we loaded up, and brought out things here.

Did you see your house being demolished?

  • No. I went past a month later, and everything was already on the ground.

And how did you feel?

  • I was sorry, because I had lived there for 20 years. However I was happy, because it was for the best. Also I resisted, not to go to Cosmos like they wanted.

Because it’s very far away?

  • It’s a long distance from my work, from my daughter’s studies and my husband, from his work.

Where do you work?

  • In Tijuca.

What did you receive in compensation? Any money…

  • Nothing. Just being removed and put here, nothing. And the transport to take things here.

Is it better here than it was there?

  • I think so. I think so, you know?

Is there anything you miss about your old home?

  • Nothing.

It didn’t have a beautiful view, nothing at all?

  • No, here is much better. I can get to the whole city from here.

Do you have the same neighbours here that you had before?

  • No. The majority. There are lots of different ones that I didn’t know before. I got to know them bit by bit, and now they have become my clients for dressmaking.

So you don’t miss your old neighbours?

  • No, because the majority of them came here. So it carries on, everyone knows me. There was no kind of sadness, it was more happiness. I wanted more clients, you know?

Here do you have any problems with violence?

  • There was a problem in the old place. It was more frequent, but here….there is a bit, but not much. If there is more, I hardly see it, because I leave in the morning and I only come back at 6pm. Sometimes you get gunshots at the top of the hill, but that’s over there.

So do you think it is safer here?

  • Here it is safer, calmer.

Reporter: Luisa Lins e Renata Ribeiro | Edição Giulia Afiune

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