Eunice dos Santos

"They said they were going to set the police on us, that they were going to tear down our house with us inside"


Coming from
Estrada da Boiúna, 70 Estrada da Boiúna, 70

Now living in
rua adauto botelho, colônia rua adauto botelho, colônia

The Transolimpica went past and they put us out. They said they were going to put the police on us, they would knock our houses down with us inside. My father had a large piece of land, and he gave it to us. My house was a good house, it had a little garden. That’s all finished now. They told us to leave, they were going to give us apartments, and put us on social rent. They gave us 400 reals for rent, and afterwards, we were on the social rent for four months, then they gave us 400 reals for rent and then they put us here.

There was no paperwork, it was such a rush, a lot of people together, no one had time to look. Everyone grabbed a piece of paper, but no one looked at it. I didn’t even know I had a bad credit rating. I only found out when I went to [electronics shop] Casas Bahia and I couldn’t buy anything. It was last month, when I went to buy something and then I found out. That was how I found out, because I didn’t know I had a bad credit rating.

I’ve been to the bank, the day I went to Casas Bahia I went there, and the guy said ah no, City Hall is going to pay it. They’ve paid it already and not let you know, that’s what they said. You can see what the house is like. Look at the bathroom, look at the kitchen. Look how it is, everything is falling apart. It was really good there.

[What do you miss from there?]

The whole family was together, we weren’t separated. All my children and my siblings lived there. It’s a pain.

Reporter: Jessica Mota

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