Família Santos Rocha

"That was how we went to live there, Eduardo Paes made the order to kick us out. Evanilde was pregnant with our first daughter"

Coming from
Vila autódromo Vila autódromo

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Minha Casa Minha Vida Colonia Juliano Moreira Minha Casa Minha Vida Colonia Juliano Moreira

If art makes the invisible visible, photography immortalises it.

Vila Autodromo, marks of life. J V Santos

The Santos Rocha family

“It’s 20 years since I met Evanilde. I don’t remember the day, the hour or the exact moment. I know that I said to a friend of ours: I like that blonde over there, I want to get to know her. And there it was (laughs).” – Carlos da Silva Rocha

“I was a fisherman, I lived in the Fisherman’s Area, in front of where the first Rock in Rio was. As soon as we went there, Eduardo Paes ordered us to leave. Evanilde was pregnant with our first child, and he ordered the guy to drive the tractor over her.” – Carlos da Silva Rocha

“When we came to live here in Autodromo, I found us an empty piece of land. Carlos gave our land away to my brother for a black and white TV, just to say that he didn’t give it away for free. My brother had just arrived from the Ceara state, and didn’t have anywhere to go, and he was sleeping on my mother’s balcony along with the rest of the family.” – Maria Evanilde Lopes dos Santos

“When we were kicked out of the Fisherman’s Area, we started collecting scrap. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to work collecting tin cans. That was how we managed to extend our house. Here, as long as the house isn’t finished, it is mine. In another location, I wouldn’t be able to build an extension on my house, collect scrap, live my normal life.” – Maria Evanilde Lopes dos Santos

“The birth of the children is the best memory that we have here. Franciel was born here in the house. Franciele was born in my hands, in front of the Curicica Hospital. The nurses said there was no room. She couldn’t take it anymore so I said: take your pants off and let her come. She just took them off and the girl was born. I still had to unravel the u,bilical cord three times, which was around her neck.” – Carlos da Silva Rocha

“She is in love with the Flamengo team and already had a daughter from another relationship, Fabiana. I’m also Flamengo. So we decided to use names beginning with F. Afterwards came Fabricia, Fabiano, Fabia, Fabiola, Franciele, Fagner and Franciel.” – Carlos da Silva Rocha

“Today we have a grandaughter, Aline. It was a victory, after so many leaps and bounds. The love of our lives.” – Maria Evanilde Lopes dos Santos

Special thanks to:

All the residents of Vila Autodromo, for their trust. The Santos Rocha family, for everything they gave back. My mother, for allowing me to dream. My friends who helped me to realise this project: Leo Lima “Gordao de Jaca”; Ge Vasconcelos; Ciro Mello; AF Rodrigues; Thiago Diniz; Coletivo Padillha; Aline de Deus; Victor Domingues; Renato Cafuzo; Leo Harim; Monara Barreto; and many others not cited here, thank you for everything.

The Observatorio das Favelas, for helping with logistics and setting up many meetings.

Joao Roberto Ripper and everyone who plays a part in the real utopia that is Imagens do Povo.

In memory of Fagner Santos Rocha.


Reporter: JV Santos

Photographer: JV Santos

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