Jane Nascimento

"It desocialised my life, it ended everything"


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Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 3401, Vila Autódromo Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno, 3401, Vila Autódromo

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rua adauto botelho, colônia rua adauto botelho, colônia

My name is Jane Nascimento, I’m 59, I deal with art and design for a living. That painting there, I painted it. This news had already come out before I went to live in Vila Autodromo, in the 90s. I came to live here and I had already seen the meetings, about evictions, about the margin of the lake, and afterwards we took part in meetings outside of the community. It wasn’t all the residents, that’s why it happened, because residents go to work, come home tired, desperate to have a shower, take their shoes off and put on flip flops, have dinner watch a bit of TV, sometimes go to sleep in front of the TV. So these residents already feel that there fight is too big, politically they don’t worry about anything, you know. That’s why Vila Autodromo ended up totally destroyed. No one wanted to leave, no one, no one, no one. From 2009 until now, the talk started about the Olympics coming, Rio won and so City Hall got new investments and they saw that no one would leave, everyone wanted them to see our Popular Plan that we had been working on. So they offered us a of money to be able to unseat everything.

I saw my house being demolished, I felt a lot of disappointment, to be part of a country so full of corruption. When we had a meeting with Eduardo Paes, the mayor, he said to me and to the president that he only needed 10 workshops, and my house wasn’t in that zone, and afterwards I took part in nine meetings of City Hall’s technical collective, to look at the issue of what was going where. the project was presented by us, and my house was going to stay. Afterwards, the [Residents’] Association was going to stay, but afterwards a crazy man from City Hall said everything around the edge was going to have to go, and my house ended up going.

Suddenly, there was a decree on my house, on a load of other houses. Things changed naturally, they created all these decrees, which would end up finishing off the community.

My house had one floor, but it had a garden, big enough for me to work in with a saw and a hammer, paint and a compressor. It made a lot of noise and I did it all in the garden. I went to an apartment, as I had just seven days to get out, and with the compensation money I couldn’t buy anything nearby. Every house was a different case. If you lived in a garden house, you had your culture, you had your projects, and you were taken out the same way as a resident here that worked with recycled materials and scrap. They put her in an apartment, because she wanted the money, to buy a bit of land, so they convinced her afterwards by giving her several apartments for her children and she ended up not receiving the money. Now she’s unemployed. I’m practically unemployed too, because it’s very difficult to use the saw inside the apartment, or to hit things with the hammer and switch on the compressor, because of the noise of it, the smell of the paint, spreading throughout the corridors.

I’m stuck, I’m unable to work , until I can find a place to do it. Whatever happens I have to get out of this apartment. I’m not trying to be a demagogue speaking like this about Vila Autodromo. Vila Autodromo was a peaceful community, we organised everything of ours together. You could come and go as you pleased. In our own backyards, we had our independence to work, to receive our guests. It was very different to this project Minha Casa, Minha Vida, which has been good for a lot of people. For those who have never had anything, it’s a lot. City Hall obliges you to take an apartment because they can’t give you something of the same value as your house, so you leave already in an impaired state, because you don’t get back what you had before. I’m not just talking about the beautiful homes. Here, I had my clients at my door, I had the ease of them coming to me. I left my house, opened my door and I could receive that person, easily. Where I am, I can’t even do that. The condominium, the space, outside of the bathroom, kitchen and living room, is no longer mine, so I can’t receive a truck to deliver my materials, for me to make a sign like this one here. I have to leave the apartment to do that. It desocialised my life, it ended everything.

Reporter: Jessica Mota

Photographer: Rio On Watch e Instituto de Políticas Alternativas para o Cone Sul

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