José Miranda

"We put our foot down, we weren't going to leave. And so then they were going to settle this for us, so I said: wonderful"


Coming from
favela metrô mangueira, mangueira favela metrô mangueira, mangueira

Now living in
rua visconde de niterói, 132, mangueira rua visconde de niterói, 132, mangueira

It’s better, in the housing sense, it’s better. To tell the truth I liked it there as well, but in terms of comfort it’s much better here. What hits hardest here is paying bills, gas, electricity. The condominium charges are not expensive, but even then some people can’t afford it, as everything gets tight.

Jose Roberto Miranda, I’m 41 years of age, and I’m a pharmacy clerk. 25 years more or less here. Isn’t that right, Mum? That’s it, 22, 23 years.

For us to go and live there, for me it was horrible. It was horrible because I didn’t know anyone. It was very bad. You got to know someone, and the drug gangs finished them off, it was one after the other dying.

My relationships with people started to get better, through football, playing games of football…

I got to know some cool people, and then it was wonderful. What I mean is, even now I miss it there. But not for the housing, for the neighbours, for the community that we had there. It was so good. At the weekends, we had a little barbecue, it was in Herval’s bar, it was in Evandro’s bar. We were always together there.

It was a straight house, like this, it was enough to put two bedrooms in, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. Here it is a lot more comfortable, much better. There is basic sanitation…

What I mean is… the people who were living there came here too. We always meet up, sometimes we are there, having a beer in that bar there. Always watching a game together. Not a lot of things changed, because people from there came here too.

At first we were supposed to be going to Cosmos, but I put my foot down, because there was no way I was going to Cosmos. My mother went there and she even liked the feeling of Cosmos, but I said I grew up here in this region, how am I going to leave it?

Me, go to Cosmos? I work here on the 28 de Setembro road, I live close to my work, how am I going to get here from there. I’m going to have to get up at 4am to arrive here from there. It won’t work. And then that thing happened. … people got together, we were going to leave, then we weren’t going to leave, then we weren’t going to leave. Some people went there and we stayed here. Then they said they were going to open this up just for us, and I said marvellous, that’s where I’m going to go. When I left, there were still a lot of people left there who went to another condominium alongside this one. After two years when they went to take out the rest of the people that were there, that carried on there, that still lived there, that were registered too. Because they didn’t have a way of bringing everyone here. There were some who had apartments in Triagem. What I mean is, it was nonsense, which in fact was this. The right thing to do was bring everyone in one go, to bring everyone here. They put some in Triagem, some I don’t know where… So it was this game of push and pull the whole time. I’ve got a cousin who lives in Triagem, others I know who live in Cosmos, they come here sometimes but it’s difficult. Sometimes we go there, some of them have rented their places out there and come to live here in Mangueira 2. Because they prefer to live here. There is work here, things like that.

Reporter: Jessica Mota

Photographer: Jessica Mota

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