Lígia Silva Guimarães

"They broke my entire house to pieces in front of me"


Coming from
Rua São Francisco Xavier, 890 Rua São Francisco Xavier, 890

Now living in
Metrô Condomínio Mangueira 1 Metrô Condomínio Mangueira 1

There, there were two brick rooms, and a broken part, which City Hall itself broke.

[How long were you there for?]

14 years.

[Where did you live before?]

In Complexo do Alemao, because of my mother.

[How did you find out you were going to be evicted?]

Through the meetings that City Hall held. We had to go there and register, so we went there to City Hall. That was how we found out.

[What was this process like?]

They arrived there in the part where I lived, and told us the day they were going to be there. A truck arrived, and he waited for us to put our stuff into the truck and take us here. Because the first part which was taken out was the bit where I lived, and the second part was this part at the bottom.

[Did you see your house being demolished?]

I saw it, they broke it all into pieces, they didn’t leave anything standing.In front of me, they broke it all up.

[What did you feel?]

I miss it until today, because this bit where I live now there is a lot of disunity. It’s a big mess, people aren’t paying their bills, I think City Hall should come here and see what’s going on.

[I saw there is going to be a meeting with the UPP Commander, is that what you mean?]

Yes, in the other condominium, in number two.

[Are you going?]

I’m going, because if you look at this part where I live, there are lots of potholes from here up to the hill, every day there is a police car here, there are a lot of children living here and nowadays, with the problem of stray bullets, we are worried.

[What did you receive in compensation when they knocked down your house?]

From there to here? Only a headache.

[But did you get money, anything?]

No, where I lived in the part below, my husband who was the owner received social rent. When City Hall took him out, the house went into my name. And he stopped receiving it.

[What do you miss?]

I miss it there, where I used to live, in the part below itself.It was a good place to live, though sometimes it had problems.


It wasn’t that violent, but the main door was broken as certain residents hadn’t been making their payments. That’s why when you have a closed off condominium, it has to be very well-organised. But that isn’t what it is here. Not at all. There is an immense hole in the ground here which could cause problems like dengue or zika. There are lots of children. There is a risk that my daughter could get it too. She is a year old this month.


Reporter: Luisa Lins e Renata Ribeiro | Edição Giulia Afiune

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