Marcio Moza

"I was attacked by a municipal guard, my pregnant wife suffered serious medical problems, they hit the structure of my home"

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estrada dos bandeirantes, 7276, jacarepaguá estrada dos bandeirantes, 7276, jacarepaguá

My name is Marcio Henrique de Jesus Moza, I am 36 years old and I am a telecommunications co-ordinator. My house here wasn’t a palace, but it was comfortable. It had a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, with PVC lining, everything tiled, with plastered walls. It was a comfortable house, tidy, everything was in its place. I lived there with my wife and three children. Now I live with my wife and three children, and our baby who was born three months ago, Sofia. One year… more or less two years ago, I was called here in my residence to turn up at City Hall, where we found out there was going to be an eviction due to the Olympics in Rio. And that these works would not take out everyone in the community, but would take out those who were living 50m from its margins.

But my house was a long way away from this margin, so I didn’t give it a lot of importance. As time went by, due to various residents resisting eviction, who didn’t want to leave their houses, City Hall created a decree. I ended up being imposed in this decree, so I was obliged to leave my home.

It’s a mixture of feelings, that they are destroying something you created with your sweat, your work, your struggle. It really is a time of expectations and hopes for the better, something grandiose. Not for the legacy of the Olympics, which is for me a huge white elephant,  just like the World Cup, for us workers. Us rare mortals who get up at 5am to go to work to pay yet another bill.

City Hall called me to make a deal, before they could get a warrant for possession from the Justice Department. I was attacked by the municipal guards, my wife who was pregant suffered serious problems, they shook the structure of my house, until I had to take drastic measures. I had to get a security mandate taken out against the City Hall and Rio Mais, in light of having underage people inside the house.

[What kind of aggressions did they do to you?]

Slaps, punches, swearing at us, verbally. When that started, I went to exercise my rights as a citizen and made a police complaint against them when anyone, as you can when anyone providing a service to society overrides your rights, that’s for the civil police. When I arrived at the 42nd Precinct, the police told me there hadn’t been any aggressive acts even though I had filmed them, the threats, persecutions; he said he wasn’t going to log them because they didn’t happen. But the Precinct had already made an accord with City Hall not to log any incidences here. After this, I was notified by a Justice Official that an official had made a complaint about me for contempt. So on Friday I have to go to the Ninth Notary Office of Barra de Tijuca to find out what the terms of this contempt complaint are. They are referring to an incident of contempt which happened on the same day that I went to the Precinct to register those cases of aggression.

I had a good offer, which was that my house would be included in the resettlement, but he would need the area immediately to be able to get on with the works without delay, even though I had got a judicial embargo, and I was the only one who could get a judge to remove it. They have got me a temporary place to live, which was going to be in Parque Carioca where I am living now.

Some time back… but to be honest with you I don’t miss it. People judge you if you are getting on well, or anything of that kind. For them, they are only satisfied if I’m on the streets with my daughter, or living in someone else’s house. But as I am a person who has some self-awareness, I wouldn’t put a child in that situation. That’s the reason some turned their backs on me, some were saying I didn’t have the right to have a house. I left the community, I wasn’t kicked out as they say, but before that I really did suffer what they suffered. If today you go past a post in Vila Autodromo which has a light at the top, it was me and Idel who climbed up that post to put the light there. If you go through the community and see a light lit up, it was us who lit it up. If there is water there today, it’s because I stayed up til 1am sorting out the water cable, but you don’t get this acknowledgement. Before this, it was a family, a unity, a confraternisation.

Nothing is the same as a house. You can have a comfortable apartment, but it’s not the same as a house. When it rains, you don’t get that smell of the wet earth you get the smell of wet cement, it’s not the same. I have some breathing problems, so it’s a lot of upheaval, having an apartment.

Reporter: Jessica Mota

Photographer: Jessica Mota

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