Thiago Ferreira

"I always told my aunt - 'I want to be independent, buy my own house.' Now that I have one it's totally different. I'm lonely"


Coming from
Vila União de Curicica Vila União de Curicica

Now living in
Minha Casa Minha Vida Parque Carioca - Estrada dos Bandeirantes Minha Casa Minha Vida Parque Carioca - Estrada dos Bandeirantes

I was seven years old when I came here, my aunt died and my mother died, and I lived with my other sister in Recreio. After that, we went to live in Curicica, for a long time. Since then, until now. City Hall, on the day they went there, they just wanted to take half of the house away, from the river up to that part of my house. Up till now, they haven`t done anything, because they said they were going to do some modifications, but the shop remains abandoned. My family started an appeal, because they were afraid the structure could be damaged, everything would end up falling down and they would lose everything. But they didn`t want to pay for everything, they just wanted to pay for the 10m they were going to take out.

Their appeal was successful and they got compensation. My family got compensation – it was just me and another cousin that got apartments. We chose apartments instead of compensation. There were people there who lost more than I did.

Here it`s more peaceful. It seems as if we are safer. At the moment, I feel safe here. There, we were a bit afraid, because right now, there are a lot of robberies, and here is a bit safer because there hasn`t been a lot of that. There was at the beginning, with young boys stealing, but apart from that it`s been fine, thank God. I lived on the edge of the main road, but what I liked the most about it was the friendships I had there. Unfortunately, it is far away for them now, some don`t want to come, others can`t, so it got difficult. Since I was little, I always said to my aunt, I want to have my freedom, buy my own house. What I`ve got now is totally different, I`m alone. My family hardly comes. We learn as we go, we get used to things.

Reporter: Lara Norgaard, Mariana Simões

Photographer: Mariana Simões

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