Yolanda da Silva e Silva

"They arrived suddenly and said: drink up your coffee because we are demolishing your house."

Coming from
Notre Dame Notre Dame

Now living in
Ilha de Guaratiba Ilha de Guaratiba

They arrived here all of a sudden, and said Yolanda, drink up your coffee as we are going to knock your house down now. I went to my daughter’s house to sleep. When I came back, it was gone. The house was in bits in the middle of the street. It was so fast. I have my pots and pans, my bed, and now I’ve had to buy this wardrobe here, I don’t have anything else. I didn’t even have the right to get my things. They threw things on the floor, and broke pots and pans.

In compensation, they gave 14,000, that was all. I put this house up here, and I still have to build a bathroom, because there wasn’t enough money. It was very little. It wasn’t enough for anything. They offered me a place in the Minha Casa, Minha Vida homes, but I didn’t want it.
My husband died six years ago, he passed away, and I didn’t get much help. I can’t walk on my right leg, and to get treatment I have to go far away, on the bus. I prefer to stay in the house. Some people have cars, but I don’t. My daughter helps, but she also has to work. Sometimes, people help by carrying my shopping.

Reporter: Lara Norgaard | Edição: Paulo Roberto Junior

Photographer: Lara Norgaard

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