What is the 100 Podcast?

This podcast is a mixture of many memories and many stories. Throughout the research for Project 100, we asked everyone we interviewed which piece of music most reminded them of the home they were evicted from.

The answers we got appear on the Playlist above, that reveal in a different way the deep emotional link between a person and the house in which they live; below, each piece of music is linked to the person we interviewed – just click on the link to go to the story behind the song.

Agora ou Nunca Mais (Amado Batista)

Sandra e Giselle Rodrigues da Silva

Canto das Três Raças (Clara Nunes)

Nathalia Silva

Casinha Branca (Maria Bethânia)

Neuza Velasco da Silva

Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)

Maria de Fátima Lima

Metamorfose Ambulante (Raul Seixas)

Roberto Gomes dos Santos

Não consigo ir além do teu olhar!

Josué dos Santos Lima

O Que É, O Que É (Gonzaguinha)

Jorge Santos

Rap da Felicidade (Cidinho e Doca)

Jane Nascimento

Rap do Silva (MC Bob Rum)

José Ronilson da Silva

Sabia (Tom Jobim /chico Buarque)

Heloisa Helena Costa Berto

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