Maria Angelita Aguiar da Silva

Reporter: Natalia Viana

"We don’t have the contract to the new house. Nothing has arrived"

We went there for my husband’s work, we came together. He is a workman, construction. We lived in a house inside a warehouse. We lived there for two and a half years, I think. Almost three. In 700.

My house was made of brick, it had a floor. Everything was cool. It had a bedroom, a bathroom, just three rooms.

This eviction story has been around for some time. When this business started of building the highway, I don’t know what it’s called.

Not everything no, just where the highway is going past, the BRT [bus rapid transit] that they are doing.

So everyone really had to leave. City Hall went there and said they would give everyone an apartment, and some would get a house. That’s how it was. When it got to November, they put everyone into rented places. While they were taking people out, they were there every day, until they had got everyone out. They put everyone into their new places, because everyone had a place to go to, you know.

This changed in November – I can’t remember which day – and on April 16 we moved here.

It’s great, here it’s cool. We just don’t like what’s happening now. There is an order of eviction, but not from the bank. Because we don’t have either a contract or a letter, nothing has arrived. But as it’s Jorge who is in front of things, they are going to give it to him. If it has arrived it is for those who have a letter from the bank, we don’t have one. We said: “If one goes, we all go.” But where would we go? Because this is our house, we are not going to lose it. They took us out of there and said we are not going to lose out, because this house is ours just like the other one was. That was what they said: that we would move here, but this was ours. We weren’t to pay anything, you see? That’s what we are afraid of. We are afraid and we aren’t at the same time, because whatever happens we are not going to lose out.

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