The first of its kind in Brazil, Agencia Publica promotes a model of non-profit journalism to maintain its independence. Our mission is to produce high quality non-partisan investigative reports in the public interest on current important Brazilian and Latin American issues from the people’s point of view, to strengthen the right to information, facilitate democratic debate and promote human rights. We work as an agency: the articles are reproduced by a network of over 60 media outlets, under a Creative Commons License. Among Publica’s re-publishers are some of the biggest news portals in Brazil.

Our reports have also been published by international news outlets such as The Nation, Huffington Post, Global Voices, ABC Univisión, 100 reporters, Al Jazeera, Upside Down World, Buzz Feed, Amazon Watch, InSight Crime, Voice of America, Latin American Bureau (LAB) in the UK, and by the 10 websites that form the regional network ALiados such as IDL Reporteros in Peru, Ciper-Chile, Confidencial Nicaragua, La Silla Vacia in Colombia, Animal Politico in Mexico and Plaza Pública in Guatemala.

Publica’s reports are based on rigorous investigation of the facts with the uncompromising defense of human rights as a principle. Our driving investigative threads are: the impact of mega sporting events; torture and violence by state agents; mega investments in the Amazon; urban crisis; and human rights violations in business.

Among Publica’s partners are independent centers of journalism in Latin America, the United States and Europe, traditional news outlets and exponents of new media.

In addition to producing reports, we also work to promote independent investigative journalism through mentoring programs for young journalists, providing reporting grants and incubating innovative independent journalism projects. All Publica projects rely on the three “I”s: independence, investigation and innovation. For Publica, journalism is not in crisis – it is under renovation.

Publica is an award-winning women-led organization, unique in Brazilian journalism. The word Publica, in Portuguese, is a feminine adjective. It means everything that belongs to the public.

Publica’s Awards

A Arte de Ignorar a Natureza won first prize Délio Rocha Award – Public Interest Journalism, Internet Report Category;

No Ceará, terra dos Tremembé é ameaçada por Resort Espanhol won the Republic Award of the National Association of Prosecutors in Journalism, Web category;

Especial Tapajós won the Petrobras Journalism Award in the National Category – Environmental Responsibility – News Portal on the Internet; 

Não vai ter Copa won the Petrobras Journalism Award in the National Category – Oil, Gas and Energy – News Portal on the Internet;

We won the Troféu Mulher Imprensa (Women Press Award), Web News Reporter Category.

Girls In Play: Sexual Exploitation And The World Cup, a graphic novel reporting was finalist of Gabriel Garcia Marques de Periodismo Award, Image Category. The reporting was conducted with the prize Tim Lopes granted by Andi;

The fact-checking Project Truco! was finalist of Premio Gabriel Garcia Marquez de Periodismo Award, Innovation Category;

Transposição do rio São Francisco: via de mão única won Prêmio Petrobras of Journalism Award, National/Responsibility Category, Internet Portals;

Dor em dobro won Roche Health Journalism in Latin America Award;

Evicted and Abandoned: the World Bank’s broken promise to the poor,  special investigative report about the World Bank in partnership with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) won the Online Journalism Awards (OJAs), by the Online News Association;

Como se absolve um policial won the 32nd Human Rights Journalism Award in the Online Category.

Dor em dobro won 9th SindhRio Award of Journalism and Health;

A revoada dos passaralhos won MPT Journalism Award, Regional Category;

Severinas, as novas mulheres do sertão was finalist of Gabriel Garcia Marques Award;

Indigenous Prisons During the Dictatorship series was finalist of Premio Latinoamericano de Periodismo de Investigación Award, by Fundación Instituto Prensa Y Sociedad;

We were 5 times winners of 31º Human Rights Journalism Award).

Amazonia Publica Series was finalist of Prêmio Allianz Seguros de Jornalismo award, and won the HSBC – Jornalistas & Co. of Environment Journalism Award;

Marcadas para Morrer Series was finalist of Prêmio Esso;

The series O bispo e seus tubarões was finalist of Gabriel Garcia Marques Journalism Award;

We won Prêmio Mulher Trofeu Imprensa.

The series about Nilcilene, an Amazon leader threatened of death, won the HSBC – Jornalistas & Co. of Environment Journalism Award;

Our investigation into phony carbon credit contracts with Amazonian indigenous tribes won the Allianz Seguros environmental journalism Award.

Awarded Minidocs

Napalm no Vale do Ribeira (12′)
Honorable mention on the 31º Journalism and Human Rights Award. Incorporated into the annals of the State Commission of Truth Rubens Paiva as documentary evidence. Exhibited by Curta! Channel;

Conectados (14’)
Project selected by Sala de Imprensa Call Notice of Futura Channel;

Onde Deus é uma nota de 100 (14′)
Project selected by Sala de Imprensa Call Notice of Futura Channel. Selected to 18a Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes (2015);

100% boliviano, mano (14’)
Project selected by Sala de Imprensa Call Notice of Futura Channel. Best Educational Film Award at the Festival Entretodos of Human Rights (2013). Selected to Mostra de Curtas de São Paulo CCSP (2013). Selected to 17a Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes (2014). Selected to Festival Visões Periféricas (2014). Selected to Festival de Cinema de Votorantim (2014);

Como se fosse da família (14’)
Project selected by Sala de Imprensa Call Notice of Futura Channel. Selected to Festival Femina (2014). Selected to Festival de Documentários ForumDoc BH (2014).





How we are funded

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation is an organization based in New York which promotes democracy and poverty reduction in many countries. In Brazil, it works on human rights issues, sustainable development, education and freedom of expression. Publica is funded through their Media Rights and Access Program.

Omidyar Network

Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm which creates opportunities for people to improve their lives by investing in marketing efforts that catalyze social and economic changes. Their support to Publica refers to its crowdfunding projects.

Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations is an organization that works to strengthen democracies. It seeks to shape public policies that assure greater fairness in politics, in legal matters, the economic system, and guarantee of fundamental human rights. It funds two of Publica´s projects.

Crowdfunding campaigns


Publica has also a number of Brazilian and foreign partner organizations and institutes.

Our Republishers
Brasil de Fato
ANF – Agência de Notícias das Favelas
Última Instância
UOL Esportes
Combate ao Racismo Ambiental
Blog do Juca
Blog do Sakamoto
Bom Dia ABCD
BR Press Agência de Notícias
Carta Capital
Catraca Livre
Congresso em Foco
Click Notícia
Diário de Pernambuco
Diário Liberdade
EBC – Empresa Brasil de Comunicação
Fórum Amazônia Sustentável
Ferozes FC
Gazeta de Santarém
Giro Sustentável
Huffington Post
Huffington Post
Diáiro do Pará
Jornal A Crítica
Jornal do Tocantins
Jornal Mais
Brasil Post
LAB – Latin America Bureau
Leia Agora – BH
Es Materia
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Yahoo! Brasil
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Revista Samuel

Some of our stories

Dams or indigenous land: the battle over the Munduruku frontier

Republished by Mongabay on February 20, 2015

The Munduruku indigenous tribe have begun to mark out the limits of their land, in an action that could halt the giant São Luiz do Tapajós hydroelectric dam, the apple of the Brazilian government’s eye. Although sacred, this land will be flooded if the dam goes ahead. ‘We are not leaving,’ says the village chief

By Ana Aranha

Napalm in the Ribeira Valley

Republished by Upside Down World on September 02, 2014
Translated by Danica Jorden

Documents, debris and residents’ reports reveal an obscure story from the dictatorship: in 1970, the FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira, the Brazilian Air Force) bombarded a rural area near São Paulo with incendiary bombs

By Anne Vigna, Luciano Onça and Natalia Viana

Girls In Play: Sexual Exploitation And The World Cup

Republished by Buzzfeed on June 12, 2014

For three months, our reporter and graphic designer team travelled through the state of Ceara roads in search of a web of sexual exploitation of girls for the World Cup

By Andrea Dip and Alexandre De Maio

Why Are Brazilians Protesting the World Cup?

Republished by The Nation on June 23, 2013

Most Brazilians feel that the biggest football festival in the world, along with the foundation of their country, is being stolen from them

By Marina Amaral and Natalia Viana

Nilcilene Miguel de Lima, Amazon Activist With Escort And Bulletproof Vest: ‘They’re Going To Kill Me’

Republished by The Huffington Post on March 27, 2012

An activist leader in the Amazon won protection from Brazil’s National Security Force, but continues to live under threat. At the same time, loggers run free

By Ana Aranha

The Race for the Invisible

Republished by 100 Reporters on March 26, 2012

An Irish company has purchased rights to the carbon credits of the indigenous land of the Munduruku Tribe in the Amazon. They promised US$ 120 million over 30 years, but experts say the contract is illegal

By Ana Aranha, Carlos Arthur França, Jessica Mota and Natalia Viana


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Republished reports cannot be sold.


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You can help Publica to continue producing good journalism in a radically independent way. We are a non-profit organization. Our mission is to produce investigative reporting of public interest. We believe that good journalism is essential for a better democracy. To maintain our independence, we have the collaboration of many supporters. Be one of them! Publica and its public will be grateful!

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Casa Pública


Casa Pública is a center for the production, promotion, discussion and support of independent and innovative journalism in Brazil and Latin America.

The space is open between Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11am to 7pm, on Rua Dona Mariana, 81, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.

Our aim is to strengthen the production of quality, in-depth content which is in the public interest and in defense of democracy, at a time of an explosion in new initiatives, collectives, sites and organizations that propose to produce journalism outside of the traditional parameters.

Casa Pública acts on three fronts:

1)Events: Showings of investigative documentaries, photojournalism exhibitions, workshops and debates

2) Visits/residencies of foreign journalists

3) Production laboratories with a focus on multi-media and technology applied to journalism

Casa Pública is run by the Agência Pública of Investigative Journalism and counts as supporters the Ford Foundation, Oak Foundation and Open Society Foundations.
Come visit us! Rua Dona Mariana, 81, Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro. Tel: (21) 2051-5500

Casa Pública is launched at a time of a surge of new initiatives intended to produce journalism outside the traditional news industry. The idea is to strengthen this movement, an action which began with the recent publication of a Map of Independent Journalism in Brazil.

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