Josemar do Nascimento

"I'm fine here....only here I pay rent, my house isn't mine. There, it was mine."


Coming from
Notre Dame Notre Dame

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Favelinha Notre Dame Favelinha Notre Dame

Josemar do Nascimento, 58, fridge worker

I lived there for 10 years. It was a two-bedroom house, with a living room too. They came to take out the houses to build a new road, which is what happened.

[What did it feel like, to watch your house being demolished?]

Nothing, there was nothing I could do. To leave, you had to choose a new house, or the money that they would give you in return. The guy from City Hall went there to see the houses, and said they would give us a house there in that big mess, on the Estrada dos Cabos, a little house that was mixed up with everything that you’ve got there. There were people from the favela, people from every part of the city. I would have preferred to come here than to go there in the middle of all that, you know?

They gave 12,000 and 50 cents. At the beginning, I went to pursue it through the Justice System, for more, as they were giving out so little. They ended up giving 16,000, that was two years later. So it’s all good, because I’m living practically in the same place that we lived in, just that there, our house was independent from the other houses, and here everything is mixed in, but it’s all ok. Before I came to live here, I already knew everyone here. I get on really well here. Just that here I pay rent, my house isn’t mine. There it was mine.

Reporter: Lara Norgaard, Matheus Wenna

Photographer: Lara Norgaard

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