Gloria Martins

"I went to the doctor and when I came back my things were on the sidewalk and half of my house had been torn to the ground."


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Vila Harmonia Vila Harmonia

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MCMV - Condomínio Terni: Estrada dos Caboclos, 1185, Campo Grande MCMV - Condomínio Terni: Estrada dos Caboclos, 1185, Campo Grande

It was on November 16. I would never forget it. I had gone to the doctor’s in the morning, and when I came back at 2pm, my son ran up to me. All my things were on the pavement, and half of my house had been torn to the ground. That image still hasn’t left my head. When I arrived, everything was… they had put my things on the truck, half of my house had been knocked down, that’s the way it was.

[Why did you leave Vila Harmonia?]

They were building something, Metro, a tunnel, I don’t know exactly what it was. I just know that when I got there, they were taking everything out. I still don’t understand why. We knew it was going to happen, which just didn’t know which day they were going to come and do it. It was a surprise. They put us all here, in this place, and I already got sick in the second week. I ever got better, because I feel isolated here. When I came here, I started to get swellings, and I fell over, on the stairs, in the bathroom. It’s no joke, it’s horrible. Any time of day, this is how I am, just sitting here. The only thing I do is go to church, that’s it.

[Who came here?]

My youngest, who has two houses here now. At the back of my house, I had built a small kitchenette. So when I got this, they got somewhere too, you know? Right by my side here. The father doesn’t live with them. He lived down there, but he died, so my daughter looks after them now.

I had lived my whole life in Recreio. I didn’t go anywhere else – Recreio, Vargem Pequena, Vargem Grande… that’s where I was. My children grew up there, they were born there. My oldest daughter will be 50 on September 5. I am going to be 68 on October 12. They were all born there. I came to Recreio when I was younger, and I lived there for more than 30 years. My youngest child will be 32 soon.

The right thing would have been for them to put us there, somewhere closer. Where we were used to. Not somewhere like this.

Reporter: Mariana Simões

Photographer: Mariana Simões

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