Camila Aparecida Silva Santos

"Negligence, humiliation, shame. That is what my situation is like today."

Coming from
Antiga fábrica da Skol no Complexo do Alemão Antiga fábrica da Skol no Complexo do Alemão

Now living in
Complexo do Alemão Complexo do Alemão

*A remoção da ocupação de Itaoca não tem relação com a Olimpíada 2016.

A equipe de 100 foi procurada via WhatsApp por Camila, que nos enviou a sua história.

I am an ex-resident of the Skol community, which was on Avenida Itaoca, 2277, in Inhauma, in Complexo do Alemao. It was between 1999 and 2000, more or less, we went to live there. It was a brewery, which was closed for more than 20 years, and apart from all the space, which was used as parking for trucks, there were three buildings. We lived there for 12 years, approximately. In 2009, one of the buildings caught fire, and the other buildings started to fall down as the structure became unstable. A lot of children and families fell down and died, as much inside the building as outside of it. We were passed the information by the Civil Defence Force that the building would fall down, and it is all still there until today. It was considered an area of risk so we were moved out, a part of the community in 2010, mainly those living in the buildings, they were the first to go. And in 2011, the rest of the community was removed. It was an agreement with the state, who carried out our eviction, and in a year and a half we were to go back to the same place – there is a project, everything, for the same place. Now it is 2016, and nothing was done. About 520 families were removed from Skol, we were given social rent of 400 reals, and that’s still what it is now. Due to real estate speculation, no one manages to get a place for this amount, we have to top it up out of our own pockets. Our situation has got worse, because Rio de Janeiro is in crisis, and the state says because of the crisis, it’s not possible to have any more works during this administration. So we know for the next two years, we can’t count on our housing.
Today, I live inside Complexo do Alemao, in a community known as Reservatorio. I live there with my husband and my three children, of 16, three and 10 months old. The social rent is late, and they have said that because of the crisis in Rio de Janeiro state, they don’t have any way of paying it. Since May, we have had serious problems with the payment of the social rent. We haven’t had any answer from the government, the state government just says we will get our housing, but they can’t say when. During this administration, there won’t be any more works, so we will go without housing, and with the social rent late, we are taking it out of our own pockets. We are doing that to solve a problem that the government has put us in. I can also relate to you that we were removed for the PAC project, and now we are in Minha Casa, Minha Vida [government housing project] 3, which hasn’t even been launched. Negligence, humiliation, shame. That’s my situation today.

Reporter: Camila Aparecida Silva Santos | Edição: Mariana Simões

Photographer: Camila Aparecida Silva Santos

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