Aline Andrade do Nascimento

Reporter: Giulia Afiune e Mariana Simões · Photographer: Giulia Afiune e Mariana Simões | Edição: Lara Norgaard

"I wasn't brave enough to see my house demolished"

We lived near Recreio, you know, near to Amoedo, I was practically born and brought up there, I lived in the same place where the new lane was built, when I was 14 years old. I played a lot there, in the park, where they had the aquatic park. I lived in a little kitchenette, it had three rooms: a living room, bedroom and a bathroom. I used the living room as a kitchen. I pretty much brought my children up there. It was a small community, but it was like a family. I found out through people that had lived there for more than 50 years that there was a project to build a tunnel. That project, of the new lane, had been going on for many years, but when they came to tell us about it, they told us at the last minute. We had to go to City Hall in Barra and sign some paperwork which was the contract of the house, though till now we haven’t received the official documents of this house, just the contract. This was in the middle of the week.

On the Saturday of the same week, they were already saying to us that we would have to leave our furniture out by Monday. That they were going to come and demolish it.

As the compensation was very small, they built these condominiums, and brought people to come and see them. If you liked it, you could get a house, if not, it was the compensation. It was 7,000. They evaluated it from the roof to the floor. I opted for the house, didn’t I, because with 7,000, I’m going to buy what?

The day of the move was a mess. We were fighting, there were people who didn’t even have time to take their things out of the house. Because as it was happening on a Monday and they told us at the last minute, there were people who had to work, didn’t they. It was very difficult.

I didn’t have the courage to watch my house being demolished. They chucked us out here didn’t they, to Campo Grande. It was more or less at the end of the year. It harmed my son’s schooling. When I came to register him here, he lost a year. Everything went back to zero, you know? I think it was on November 22 2010. It’s going to be six years soon since we moved here.

The house isn’t bad, it’s nice, just the location is a bit difficult. The majority of people who live here work over there in Recreio and Barra. To get there is difficult, there is only one bus, and sometimes it doesn’t come for two, two and a half hours. It’s difficult by van, as they don’t accept our Bilhete Unico tickets. The vans are not official yet.

It’s good then that there is a school nearby, until the sixth year, and then everything is far away. You have to be on your guard here because there is a lot of theft. You can’t go out with your door open. We are afraid of this, because we can’t go out and leave things the way we want. Anything you leave out, even flip flops, they steal. I knew everyone there, but I don’t know people here. There, we were brought up by the parents of our freinds, no one messed with anyone, you could leave your door open. Not everyone from there came here, it was about half. That’s what I miss the most.

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