Eraldo José Rodrigues

Reporter: Lara Norgaard | Edição: Paulo Roberto Junior · Photographer: Lara Norgaard

"I thank God that I am now following a new path."

I have lived in Parque Carioca for a year, and I came to live here because of the Transolimpica road, which links Recreio to Deodoro. It was a very quick process, very “dynamic”, in quotes. City Hall came to take people out of there, with a deadline of two weeks, three for some families, in special cases, it was a month. There were a lot of rumours flying around before we got told about it. We didn’t get any pressure from them, in the form of police violence, none of that. It was different to Vila Autodromo, where they knew about the evictions. In our case, Vila Uniao, it was very peaceful. We didn’t have any problems in that sense.

City Hall gave a certain sort of support, a lot of information, we got all our contracts in our hands, and everything to do with the energy bills, we don’t have any problems in relation to that. I lived before in a kitchenette, which we had the deeds to. Some people had a lot of land, with gardens, but that wasn’t the case with me. I had a little kitchenette, which was the size of the living room where I am now, and a bit for the kitchen. But it was mine.

I had heard those rumours for a long time, but as the Olympics got closer, the rumours got stronger that this Transolimpica was going to be built, and that it would cause evictions for some residents. So we were informed which residents were going to be evicted, and what would be the period of time, which community it would be, and which section of that community. City Hall moved the route so as not to have to do too many evictions where I was living. But my house was included in the last section of that route.

I have to thank God first of all, as I have a religious connection with God. I thank God that I am following a new path, because there was no future where I was living before. I couldn’t look at my little kitchenette and think about getting married and having children there, there was no way. It wasn’t feasible. At the most, I could have had a wife or a girlfriend, but nothing more than that. Life would have been very troubled if she had got pregnant, if we had had children. Here, I have a vision of what my life could be like tomorrow. I have more freedom to think. the issue of the physical space itself is all about your self-esteem, about how you live. The project of my life, from now on, I have some support in it. Therefore I think I did get something good, I do.

There are my friends and the people I grew up with, but most of them came here too. We are in a new environment, but we aren’t exactly new people. We already knew each other. We are trying to have something more positive here. If I was futher away, maybe I would have missed it more.


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