International journalists will be housed at Casa Publica while investigating human rights related issues in Rio de Janeiro

International journalists will be housed at Casa Publica while investigating human rights related issues in Rio de Janeiro

14 de março de 2018
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Agência Pública invites international reporters to participate in Casa Pública’s residency program. Brazil’s first cultural center for journalism, Casa Pública functions as a support system and focal point for the production and discussion of independent and innovative journalism in Latin America.

The program, now in its third edition, offers free housing and mentorship to its participants and seeks to create a support system for journalists interested in reporting on a wide variety of topics linked to human rights. The application process begins on March, 2018, and goes until March, 2019. All applicants must fill out this form online.


Mariana Simões/Agência Pública
English journalist Frederick Bernas produced a piece for NBC’s Left Field while at Casa Publica

Every month Publica will select two journalists to spend 15 days living at Casa Publica while they work on their stories. The residencies will take place between April 2018 and April of 2019. Applications will remain open through this entire period and will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Journalists will be selected through a two step application process. The first phase of the process requires all interested reporters to fill out the online form. In phase two, only selected finalists will be interviewed via Skype by Publica’s coordinators. Candidates will be chosen based on their prior experience and the topic they plan to investigate while in Rio. Publica will contact the finalists on a month to month basis.

Free housing and access to all the amenities available in Agencia Publica’s office space are only some of the perks included in the residency program. Residents will also receive support from Agencia Publica while drafting their stories including access to local sources.

Journalists also have the opportunity to meet people beyond the scope of the story. By staying at Casa Pública, reporters have access to a wide array of collborators among them the reporters and specialits who attend Casa Publica and participate in the events hosted in the space.

Mariana Simões/Agência Pública
Milagros Salazar participated in the second edition of the program


“Casa Publica is a meeting place for journalists from all over the world, who come together to share their experiences and points of view at a time when the production of journalism is more pertinente than ever,” says Milagros Salazar, founder of the peruvian publication Convoca and participant of the second edition of the program.



After completing the residency program, participating reporters will have their pieces published in foreign outlets and may have the opportunity to publish their work on Agencia Publica’s website in Portuguese.


Mariana Simões/Agência Pública
The Argentine resident Facundo F. Bairro, who works for Perfil newspaper, during his stay at Casa Pública

In order to apply, applicants must be able to prove that they have the necessary journalistic experience and must give a detailed description of how they plan to carry out their investigations. Publica also requires a letter from a media outlet agreeing to publish the piece produced during the residency program. It is strongly advised that residents provide insurance for their equipment.

Publica will not be held accountable for securing visas, providing meals or transportation within Rio de Janeiro.


Seja aliada da Pública

Todos precisam conhecer as injustiças que a Pública revela. Ajude nosso jornalismo a pautar o debate público.
Mariana Simões/Agência Pública
Mariana Simões/Agência Pública
Mariana Simões/Agência Pública

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