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Agência Pública is financed through the following sources:

  • Donations from private foundations, both national and international
  • Sponsorship of projects and events
  • Grants
  • Crowdfunding and reader contributions

Pública receives funding from two international institutions: the Ford Foundation, a North American organization, and the OAK Foundation, a private family organization (cut) based out of Switzerland.

Additionally, we rely on funds for specific projects related to both journalistic investigations and the promotion of journalism.

Our funding policy has the core criteria of editorial independence and journalistic integrity.

That policy requires that no funding source can interfere in our reporting or access content before it is published on our website.

It also establishes that Agência Pública will not pursue projects commissioned by funding sources. We determine all of our reporting assignments and projects.

Agência Pública does not accept donations from any institution that represents a conflict of interest with our reporting, values or actions.

Our goal is to be an agency funded primarily by the public, and so we always seek to increase donations from private individuals who believe in our work.

Beyond our crowdfunding campaigns, readers can also contribute directly by making a donation to Pública via Paypal or Pag Seguro.

Our goal is to be primarily funded by our readers, therefore we have started a membership program: Aliados da Pública.

Main financing

Institutional Partners in 2023

Support in 2023

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