About us

Publica is the first not-for-profit journalism center in Brazil. Founded by a team of women journalists, it aims to bring journalism back to its essence: public service.

While Brazil is seeking a proeminent role in the international arena, we feel that good journalism should be encouraged to monitor our govenments and the powers that be. Good, non-partisan investigative journalism is essencial to strengthen our democracy. That’s what Publica will do.

Like many successful investigative centers worldwide such as Propublica, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the  Chilean Center for Investigative Journalism, Publica will partner up with national and international media outlets, organizations, and independent journalists to be able to produce long and short-term investigative projects in Brazil.

The reporters that formed Publica have amongst them six of the most prestigious national award for Human Rights Reporting, and a Woman Press Award for online reporting.

The word Publica, in Portuguese, is a feminine adjective. It means everything that belongs to the public.



Marina Amaral was a reporter and executive editor of the magazine Caros Amigos for nearly ten years. For her work she  received two Vladimir Herzog Awards for Human Rights Reporting. In 2008, she edited the book “Brazil Human Rights”, a comprehensive panorama of relevant issues for the future, to the Ministry of l
Human Rights of the Brazilian government. In 2010 she co-authored the book “Movimento, uma Reportagem”, about the history of a resistance newspaper suring the dictatorship in Brazil.



Natalia Viana, a partner of WikiLeaks in Brazil, started her career at the magazine Caros Amigos and has worked with various domestic and international media outlets including: Pacifica, the BBC, the Guardian, The Independent, Folha de São Paulo, and Carta Capital. She was an assistant producer for investigative documentaries and is the author of three books. In 2005, she received the Andifes Award and the Vladimir Herzog Awards for  Human Rights Reporting and in 2011 she won the Woman Press Award for online reporting.



Tatiana Merlino is deputy editor of the magazine Caros Amigos. In the past two years she won three Vladimir Herzog Awards for  Human Rights reporting and wrote many relevant investigations for the magazine. She also edited the book “Fight, a feminine noun”, about women who fought against the military rule in Brazil, and coordinated the national report Human Rights in Brazil 2010, published by the Social Network of Justice and Human Rights. She is now writing a book about the second most popular football team in Brazil, Corinthians.


Want to know more about us? Click here to read a Knight Center for Journalism in The Americas’ article about Publica.


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