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Who we are

Founded in 2011 by women reporters, Agência Pública is the largest nonprofit newsroom in Brazil. All of our reports are grounded on rigorous fact-finding investigations and our uncompromising defense of human rights. Read our stories

Working as an agency, we distribute our in-depth investigations in Portuguese, English and Spanish. In 2022 alone, our stories were republished by more than 700 news outlets in Brazil and in 18 different countries. Our work can be republished free of charge under a Creative Commons license. To republish or translate our work, see our guidelines – also available in Spanish.

We investigate the public administration, including all levels of government and the legislative houses; the social and environmental impacts of companies, their corrupt and anti-transparency practices; the Judiciary, its effectiveness, transparency and equity; and violence against vulnerable communities in urban and rural areas.

In order to foster independent journalism, we provide mentorship programs for journalists, offer microgrants for reporting, organize events and discussions about journalism and support innovative projects.

In our history, we have won more than 70 awards. Among them, the Gabriel García Márquez Award; Global Shining Light Award; True Story Award; Premio Ortega y Gasset; WAN-IFRA Award and Premio Iberoamericano de Periodismo. We are the most awarded news agency in Brazil and the first Brazilian media outlet nominated for the Press Freedom Awards, by the organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Our work is only possible thanks to the support of more than 2,000 members. Join them and help our valiant journalism: aliados.apublica.org.


Pública sets itself apart by uniting social responsibility with independent and reliable journalism. Our mission is to produce investigative reporting and promote independent journalism in Latin America.


  • Editorial independence;
  • Promoting human rights and the right to information and improving the democratic debate.
  • Investigative and innovative journalism, grounded in unbiased and cautious reporting and supported by primary sources;
  • Gender equality;
  • A cooperative environment that cultivates ethical and skilled journalists.

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Latin America network

We have a network of partners in Latin America, to whom we send two stories per month selected and translated into Spanish. Network associates are directly sent our stories via email before they go up on the web. Wish to join? Send us an email at contato@apublica.org

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Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of renowned professionals in Brazilian journalism and civil society, who meet twice a year to advise the Executive Directors of Pública. The Board is made up of unpaid members and has no decision-making power.

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