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Republish our stories

Agência Pública is a non-profit agency that distributes investigative stories for free, under a Creative Commons CC BY-ND license. You too can use our contents on your website following our guidelines:

  1. If you wish to translate our stories, please contact us at All translations must be authorized beforehand and the translated piece must be approved by Agência Pública before publishing. 
  2. Titles and captions can be altered to suit the outlet’s editorial style. Nonetheless, the articles cannot be cut, reduced or edited, nor taken out of context.
  3. All republications must be credited. Include the name of the author as well as Agência Pública in the byline.
  4. Republications must have a link to the URL of the story on Publica’s website. If you are tweeting about republished stories, tag our profile @agenciapublica. On Facebook tag Publica’s page:
  5. Our photos and illustrations can only be republished with the articles they are featured in and must be credited.
  6. Our videos can be republished and must be credited and have a link to Publica’s website.
  7. Articles that are part of a series can be republished separately, but it needs to be clearly stated on the republished piece as well as have a link to the wider series.
  8. Our stories cannot be sold.

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