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Agencia Publica is a  non-profit agency that distributes investigative stories for free, under a Creative Commons CC BY-ND license. You can use our content in your site, too. You only need to follow our rules:

  1. If needed, the titles can be changed to adapt the content to the vehicle’s style. However, the content cannot be cut, reduced or edited and not taken out of context.
  2. All republications must highlight Agencia Publica and the author’s name, at the top of the text – even those which were edited from our international partners. In this case, the author and the international partner names must also be included.
  3. All stories must bring the link to Publica’s website and, if printed, our website address: www.apublica.org.
  4. Tweets about Publica’s reports must be followed by our Twitter profile name @agenciapublica.  Mentions on Facebook must link to Publica’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/agenciapublica
  5. Photos can only be republished with their articles and they must be credited.
  6. Videos can be republished and must have their credits and link to Publica’s website.
  7. Series of articles can be published separately, but the re-publisher needs to announce that the are part of a wider series.
  8. Republished reports cannot be sold.


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