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Brazilian town displays photographs containing Nazi symbols in a public building

11 de maio de 2023 | por

Dona Emma, a small town in southern Brazil founded by a german colonization society, has a history of extremist groups

Brazilian state deputy says she was sexually assaulted by Boaventura de Sousa Santos

14 de abril de 2023 | por

State deputy Bella Gonçalves' account is one of several accusations made against the University of Coimbra professor

Ex-vice president admitted illegal mining problem in Yanomami territory, but failed to act

6 de março de 2023 | por

Hamilton Mourão, now a senator, was the president of the body responsible for efforts to protect the Brazilian Amazon
Fiscais do Ibama em operação de combate ao garimpo ilegal na terra indígena yanomami

A frontline view of the fight against illegal mining in Yanomami territory

15 de fevereiro de 2023 | por

A day on the job with Brazil’s environmental agency inspectors in search of clandestine gold mine sites
Seguranças da BBF

Palm oil producers launch an avalanche of litigation in Northern Brazil

30 de janeiro de 2023 | por

Brazil Biofuels has engaged in a ‘judicial crusade’ against victims and investigators
Donald Trump e Jair Bolsonaro lado a lado durante evento

15 Trump tactics that Bolsonaro adopted before and after the elections to attack democracy

16 de dezembro de 2022 | por

An analysis by Agência Pública details how Bolsonaro copied Trump's main tactics after losing the presidential election

A new Bolsonaro government means “we will surely lose the Amazon”, researcher claims

12 de outubro de 2022 | por

A new study led by Luciana Gatti details how CO2 emissions in the Amazon doubled in Bolsonaro’s first 2 years in office

Trump allies campaign online for Bolsonaro and spread lies about electoral fraud

3 de outubro de 2022 | por

Steve Bannon and other allies of the former US president have claimed that the Brazilian elections were fraudulent

How the US far-Right is acting to get Bolsonaro re-elected in Brazil

29 de setembro de 2022 | por , , e

Bolsonaro is unlikely to give up power without a fight. Key Trump supporters are preparing to do battle for him

Jan. 6 committee member investigates ties between Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin and Orbán

22 de setembro de 2022 | por

Jamie Raskin comments sugestions sent to the Biden administration in the event of democratic rupture in the country