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A new Bolsonaro government means “we will surely lose the Amazon”, researcher claims

12 de outubro de 2022 | por

A new study led by Luciana Gatti details how CO2 emissions in the Amazon doubled in Bolsonaro’s first 2 years in office

Trump allies campaign online for Bolsonaro and spread lies about electoral fraud

3 de outubro de 2022 | por

Steve Bannon and other allies of the former US president have claimed that the Brazilian elections were fraudulent

How the US far-Right is acting to get Bolsonaro re-elected in Brazil

29 de setembro de 2022 | por , , e

Bolsonaro is unlikely to give up power without a fight. Key Trump supporters are preparing to do battle for him

Jan. 6 committee member investigates ties between Trump, Bolsonaro, Putin and Orbán

22 de setembro de 2022 | por

Jamie Raskin comments sugestions sent to the Biden administration in the event of democratic rupture in the country

With democracy under threat, journalism has to change, researcher says

20 de setembro de 2022 | por

Political leaders engage in anti-democratic communication to play in the attention economy, Joshua M. Scacco

New Probe Finds Pro-Bolsonaro Fake News Dominated Social Media Through Campaign

15 de setembro de 2022 | por e

The most interacted-with posts on social media contradict trustworthy information about the public’s voting intentions
Vera Magalhães, jornalista e apresentadora do Roda Viva

Jair Bolsonaro, A Perfect Example Of Why Autocrats Hate Women

30 de agosto de 2022 | por

According to Harvard researchers, free and politically active women are a threat to authoritarian leaders
Ato Ditadura Nunca Mais, em 2019

Why Brazil Is Excavating An Infamous Torture Center 40 Years Later

11 de agosto de 2022 | por

An archaeological project are trying to recover the country's painful history of torture during the military regime

Climate change threatens Indigenous farming and cultures in the Brazilian Amazon

29 de julho de 2022 | por , e

Floods, unpredictable seasons, and rising temperatures directly affect Indigenous people's food security

Probe Finds Brazil’s Religious Homeschooling Groups Encourage Corporal Punishment

18 de julho de 2022 | por , , e

Brazil's religious homeschooling groups are giving parents instructions on how to spank their children