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Damares’ disciples: female evangelicals increasing presence in Brazilian politics

5 de novembro de 2020 | por

Damares Alves, Brazil’s minister for women, the family and human rights, has inspired a new generation of conservative Christian women to run for public office

Brazil: “We’re on a precipice”

28 de maio de 2020 | por

Professor João Cezar warns of Bolsonarista coup

The FBI, the Fusion Center, and the Far Right: US creep in Brazil

4 de maio de 2020 | por

The report reveals meetings involving the representatives from other areas of the US Government, such as the Treasury, with the new Justice and Security Minister in the first weeks of his tenure, intended to “deepen Brazil’s legal cooperation with the United States”

Bolsonaro thinks he can hide the bodies

6 de abril de 2020 | por

The Brazilian state could organize an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic – but not with Jair Bolsonaro as president, argues Vladimir Safatle, a philosopher and professor at the Universidade de São Paulo

Brazil: local activists fill the information vacuum on Covid-19

1 de abril de 2020 | por

With the government awol, the battle against fake news in the favelas and urban periphery

The Companies and Individuals Attempting to Mine on Indigenous Lands in Brazil

20 de fevereiro de 2020 | por , , , , e

An exclusive survey reveals an explosion in requests since 2019 and lists the potential beneficiaries with the most requests for authorization to mine on indigenous lands

Foreign companies “offloading” agrotoxins in Brazil banned in their own countries

19 de dezembro de 2019 | por , e

In 2017, Brazilian authorities decided to ban paraquat because of its links to Parkinson’s disease. But since then, imports have increased, and restrictions have been relaxed due to pressure from foreign chemical companies

Land conflicts and destruction in the Brazilian Amazon

16 de novembro de 2019 | por , e

Poor farmers and settlers in the Amazon are under attack as never before

“We’re witnessing a final offensive against Brazil’s indigenous people”

10 de outubro de 2019 | por e

The anthropologist Eduardo Viveiros de Castro discusses indigenous resistance in the Amazon, the indigenous leader Raoni Metuktire, and his pessimism about the climate crisis

Militias advance on Rio environmental reserve

30 de agosto de 2019 | por

In Baixada Fluminense, a new round of illegal land sales is under way

Keeping an ancient tradition alive: meet the indigenous midwives of the Amazon

2 de julho de 2019 | por

In the villages of Tabatinga, Amazonas, Ticuna midwives work according to ancestral traditions, honing their skills generation after generation. However, they remain unrecognised by the state