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Casa de apoio na margem do rio Ituí onde Bruno e Dom dormiram a ultima noite antes de desaparecerem na região do Vale do Javari

Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira’s Last Journey

15 de junho de 2022 | por , , e

A suspect has admitted to killing the journalist and Indigenous expert while they were reporting in the Amazon. Agência Pública retraces the steps of their final trip

Case of journalist Rubens Valente reveals new censorship and puts press freedom at risk

6 de maio de 2022 | por

“It is an attack on freedom of expression and information”, says journalist, condemned by STJ and STF for the publication of the book “Operação Banqueiro”

The hidden marketing machine behind Brazil’s food delivery giant

4 de abril de 2022 | por

How iFood used social media to undermine workers’ labor organizing efforts

Brazilian youth fight to decolonize climate justice

9 de março de 2022 | por

Activists from Brazil’s urban peripheries are among the hardest hit by the climate crisis, and they are becoming increasingly active in the fight against it

Canadian miners get high-level lobbying boost for Brazilian Amazon projects

21 de fevereiro de 2022 | por

Bank Forbes & Manhattan appears to be aided in pushing its mining interests in Brazil thanks to lobbying efforts by an old army acquaintance of the country’s vice president

Letícia prepara na pia uma mistura de água com farinha, enquanto uma de suas filhas brinca ao seu lado no celular

Brazil: “I skip meals so I can feed my children”

15 de dezembro de 2021 | por e

Single mothers who raise their families alone were hit face on by the loss of jobs and income; women are always the last to eat

Exports of threatened species’ timber boomed under Bolsonaro, probe finds

22 de novembro de 2021 | por

An investigation begun in May this year by the Brazilian Federal Police highlighted “a major scheme facilitating the smuggling of rainforest products

Capoeiristas from one of Brazil’s biggest groups denounce their masters for sexual crimes

1 de julho de 2021 | por , e

Leaders from the renowned capoeira group Cordão de Ouro, which has accredited schools in more than thirty countries, accused of abusing children and adolescents since the 1970s

Brazil Cattle Linked to Accused Drug Trafficker Sold to Major Companies

14 de junho de 2021 | por , , , e

João Soares Rocha, who, according to the Federal Police, used cattle-raising to launder money made from drugs, is also involved in slave labour, illegal deforestation and homicide

U.S. and Argentine investors tied to illegal land deals and deforestation in Brazil

26 de maio de 2021 | por

The company BrasilAgro has been under investigation since 2016 — the beneficiaries range from Argentine ranchers to US pension funds and the Bank of New York

‘Throw them overboard’: Brazil mine disaster victims bullied over compensation

25 de fevereiro de 2021 | por

Communities awaiting compensation from the worst environmental disaster in Brazilian history say they’re being stymied by a convoluted legal process that favors those responsible

Brazil: politicians distribute fake Covid-19 cures

11 de novembro de 2020 | por , , e

Brazilian mayors peddling 'cures' ahead of November elections