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Revealed: fires in São Paulo favelas more likely on higher-value land

27 de novembro de 2017 | por e

Exclusive: Analysis finds favelas hit by fire in São Paulo have land values 76% higher than average, casting new doubt on official explanation of poor housing

Casa Pública opens vacancies for foreign reporters covering the Olympic Games

13 de abril de 2016 | por

The Pública Residencies Program will offer a grant and accommodation for those interested in investigating human rights issues connected to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Frequently Asked Questions – Pública Residencies, Olympics Rio 2016 edition

13 de abril de 2016 | por

Do you have any query regarding our residency program? See our FAQ below

Bolsonaro thinks he can hide the bodies

6 de abril de 2020 | por

The Brazilian state could organize an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic – but not with Jair Bolsonaro as president, argues Vladimir Safatle, a philosopher and professor at the Universidade de São Paulo

Pay-off time: Brazilian agribusiness calls in favours

22 de abril de 2019 | por

Farmers from Pará expect environmental agencies to be eviscerated

The land belongs to the indian, but whose is the carbon?

19 de março de 2012 | por , e

An Irish company has purchased rights to the carbon credits of the indigenous land of the Munduruku Tribe in the Amazon. They promised US$ 120 million over 30 years, but experts say the contract is illegal

Brazil’s 2014 World Cup: Rights Abuses Revealed In Report

15 de dezembro de 2011 | por

Publica had access to a report produced by popular organizations from 12 cities that will host the 2014 World Cup. They say the people's rights are being left out

Força Aérea sucateada aponta para envolvimento dos EUA em ataques

9 de abril de 2012 | por

O Iêmen é um grande aliado dos EUA na guerra contra o terror. Ataques à Al-Qaeda no são assumidos pela sua força aérea, mas a reportagem mostra que ela está sucateda

Brazil’s quilombos face eucalyptus giant in land war

5 de janeiro de 2017 | por e

"They stole our forests and our water. We took our medicine from the forest. Now, they put police and dogs at our door."

Rio’s Forgotten Health Crisis

16 de junho de 2016 | por

As authorities focus on thwarting Zika, few resources remain for tackling Rio’s high rates of tuberculosis

Militias advance on Rio environmental reserve

30 de agosto de 2019 | por

In Baixada Fluminense, a new round of illegal land sales is under way