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Brazil: the poor must serve their sentence while the rich can stay at home

30 de agosto de 2017 | por

Poor women with young children are seldom allowed to serve house arrest, while wealthy defendants can stay at home with minimum restraints

Casa Pública is now accepting applications to house international reporters

11 de agosto de 2017 | por

Residency program offers a free stay at Casa Pública to those interested in investigating human rights related issues in Rio de Janeiro

Museum of Yesterday

29 de julho de 2017 | por

This app by Agencia Publica mixes journalism with Pokemon Go to help people investigate the hidden past of Rio de Janeiro. Download and come onboard! It can be used anywhere in the world.

Life for Brazil’s Krenak after Fundao dam collapse

3 de julho de 2017 | por e

How Brazil's worst environmental disaster changed the lives of indigenous Krenak tribe on the banks of the Rio Doce

Fake News Is Threatening Democracy In Venezuela

30 de junho de 2017 | por

When you are at the climax of polarization, the truth is seen as a betrayal

Brazil Youths Threatened by Both Criminals and Police

29 de junho de 2017 | por

Faced by the public defenders of a youth court in São Paulo, Brazil, Gorete emotionally explained what happened on the February night when four military police officers came to her home and threatened to kill her teenage son. The police officers, who were searching for a revolver they believed Gorete’s son was hiding, did not …

Maduro Justice: Secret Evidence and Military Courts for Venezuela’s Protesters

26 de junho de 2017 | por e

Taken by police on May 15, Carlos Ramírez waits in a military jail while the government looks for evidence against him. His case is not uncommon

Brazil’s quilombos face eucalyptus giant in land war

5 de janeiro de 2017 | por e

"They stole our forests and our water. We took our medicine from the forest. Now, they put police and dogs at our door."

Brazil’s failed Africa project

9 de novembro de 2016 | por , , e

“For every African problem, there is a Brazilian solution.” Those words by Kenyan professor Calestous Juma, highlighting the potential benefits toAfrica of Brazil’s expertise and experience in modernising its own nation, now have a bitter irony for many in the continent. Presented as an opportunity to develop Africa, Brazil’s investments there have not only failed …

Revealed: What Donald Trump has really been up to in Latin America

9 de setembro de 2016 | por , , e

The New York tycoon has extensive business ties to a region whose people he has often offended

Rio 2016: City counts the human cost of Olympics after eight killed by police and thousands of families evicted

22 de agosto de 2016 | por

Violent police operations were carried out in several areas of Rio de Janeiro - and two officers died in the first ten days of the Games

Dilma Rousseff interview: Brazil’s first female leader on trying to clear her name

27 de junho de 2016 | por , e

Exclusive Q&A : Ms Rousseff said she was the victim of a 'parliamentary coup'