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Militias advance on Rio environmental reserve

30 de agosto de 2019 | por

In Baixada Fluminense, a new round of illegal land sales is under way

Keeping an ancient tradition alive: meet the indigenous midwives of the Amazon

2 de julho de 2019 | por

In the villages of Tabatinga, Amazonas, Ticuna midwives work according to ancestral traditions, honing their skills generation after generation. However, they remain unrecognised by the state

‘In Rio de Janeiro, the Militia Isn’t a Parallel Power. It’s the Government.’

15 de junho de 2019 | por

In the following interview, a sociologist who has studied Rio de Janeiro’s [vigilante off-duty police] militias for 26 years explains the relationship between lawmakers and militia members and says that the Bolsonaro family is the political heir of representatives linked to extermination groups that were active in the 1990s. In January, during a police raid …

Pay-off time: Brazilian agribusiness calls in favours

22 de abril de 2019 | por

Farmers from Pará expect environmental agencies to be eviscerated

Beleaguered Amazon tribes remain staunch in defence of their land

28 de maio de 2018 | por

As criminals eye the natural riches of their heavily forested territories, the Ka’apor people refuse to be cowed – even if it means taking the law into their own hands

‘The river is dead’: is a mine polluting the water of Brazil’s Xikrin tribe?

15 de maio de 2018 | por e

Federal courts are battling to shut down a nickel mining plant said to be contaminating the Cateté river – a charge the company denies

Casa Publica launches new edition of its Residency Program

14 de março de 2018 | por

International journalists will be housed at Casa Publica while investigating human rights related issues in Rio de Janeiro

Deceit at a Brazilian ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’

2 de fevereiro de 2018 | por

A Catholic psychologist in São Paolo tries to shame an undercover reporter into not having an abortion

Revealed: fires in São Paulo favelas more likely on higher-value land

27 de novembro de 2017 | por e

Exclusive: Analysis finds favelas hit by fire in São Paulo have land values 76% higher than average, casting new doubt on official explanation of poor housing

Inside Paraguay’s illegal cannabis plantations

25 de novembro de 2017 | por

Close to the border with Brazil, large illegal cannabis plantations thrive on a network of corruption

Brazil: Bolsonaro – the lone wolf dreams of glory

11 de outubro de 2017 | por

Nationalist demagogue Jair Bolsonaro is bidding to run for President. His views are truly frightening

Brazil: police target MST members in land occupations

28 de setembro de 2017 | por

Police in Quedas do Iguaçu are arresting MST supporters who occupy land to protest against timber company Araupel and cattle ranchers