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Brazil’s quilombos face eucalyptus giant in land war

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"They stole our forests and our water. We took our medicine from the forest. Now, they put police and dogs at our door."

Brazil’s failed Africa project

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“For every African problem, there is a Brazilian solution.” Those words by Kenyan professor Calestous Juma, highlighting the potential benefits toAfrica of Brazil’s expertise and experience in modernising its own nation, now have a bitter irony for many in the continent. Presented as an opportunity to develop Africa, Brazil’s investments there have not only failed

Rio 2016: City counts the human cost of Olympics after eight killed by police and thousands of families evicted


Violent police operations were carried out in several areas of Rio de Janeiro - and two officers died in the first ten days of the Games

Dilma Rousseff interview: Brazil’s first female leader on trying to clear her name

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Exclusive Q&A : Ms Rousseff said she was the victim of a 'parliamentary coup'

Rio’s Forgotten Health Crisis


As authorities focus on thwarting Zika, few resources remain for tackling Rio’s high rates of tuberculosis

Private police target Rio’s dark-skinned and homeless

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Ahead of Brazil's Olympics, business-funded agents are arresting and relocating "suspicious" people, some 80km away

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Casa Pública opens vacancies for foreign reporters covering the Olympic Games


The Pública Residencies Program will offer a grant and accommodation for those interested in investigating human rights issues connected to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Frequently Asked Questions – Pública Residencies, Olympics Rio 2016 edition


Do you have any query regarding our residency program? See our FAQ below

Napalm in the Ribeira Valley

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Documents, debris and residents’ reports reveal an obscure story from the dictatorship: in 1970, the FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira, the Brazilian Air Force) bombarded a rural area near São Paulo with incendiary bombs

I died in Maré / Je suis mort à Maré


Watch this short documentary about violence in the eyes of the children of Maré, one of the most dangerous slums in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil: court condemns child exploitation in major football championship


São Paulo football club Portuguesa Santista is convicted of using players aged 14-16 in a situation of precarious work: 12 boys shared three double mattresses in an insanitary bed-sitter with an empty fridge. The problem is widespread in Brazil

Nilcilene Miguel de Lima, Amazon Activist With Escort And Bulletproof Vest: ‘They’re Going To Kill Me’


An activist leader in the Amazon won protection from Brazil's National Security Force, but continues to live under threat. At the same time, loggers run free

The land belongs to the indian, but whose is the carbon?

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An Irish company has purchased rights to the carbon credits of the indigenous land of the Munduruku Tribe in the Amazon. They promised US$ 120 million over 30 years, but experts say the contract is illegal

Brazil Arms Exports: Country Preaches Peace, Sells Tons Of Arms

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Brazilian government pushes for more exports of light arms, while the industry lacks transparency. In 5 years Brazil exported 4,5 millions of guns and weapons

Brazil’s 2014 World Cup: Rights Abuses Revealed In Report


Publica had access to a report produced by popular organizations from 12 cities that will host the 2014 World Cup. They say the people's rights are being left out

Publica's partnership with WikiLeaks


In 2011 Publica reviewed all WikiLeals cables from Brazil to write and publish the stories that had been left out by daily newspapers. Watch a video about the project
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